Thursday, June 21, 2007

Librarians on the Loose

Librarians! Everywhere!

Okay, so I got to DC day early for the conference, but I swear I saw some Librarians on the plane. I think I may have even seen someone from my Library School, but it was 2 a.m., and I could be wrong.

So, what happens when the YA Librarian flies the coop and goes to play amongst her peers? Well, right now, all it means is that my suitcase hit the weight limit due to the various items I needed to bring to meet my various responsibilities while at the conference.

Upon picking me up, my friend said, "I thought you just showed up at a conference."

"Not when you're on a committee,"I replied, "Then you have to bring stuff."

My suitcase will be lighter on the return trip. Noting my box full of books brought back to Seattle, though, someone else commented, "You know that books weigh more, a lot more, than the stuff you brought right."

"I'm not going to get that many books. This time I'm bringing them back for other people, not to keep my own stack going."


So, we'll see. I've arrived with my 51 pound suitcase, have recovered from reading what I believe may well be the worst YA book I have read since some of the forced reading in Library School, have taken a nap to overcome the red eye flight and am raring to go for Emerging Leaders tomorrow.

Raring may not be the right word. But it will be after a good night's sleep!

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