Monday, May 19, 2008

Career Building

Perhaps I expected this to be easy. I may have had too much book knowledge in my brain for my own good.

Being a librarian, particularly one who works with children of any age, takes time and patience. Gradually, I have developed just a bit more of the latter, and it's done me a world of good.

During my first year as a librarian, these thoughts frequently entered my mind, or, worse, came out of my mouth:

"Yes! A new program! Awesome! Let's book all the computers!"

"Of course more than three people will come."

"What do you mean I can't handle doing teen programs in a month?"

"Desk hours? What desk hours?"

Nearing the end of my second year, I have gone through a few phases.

Do you recognize any of these in yourself?

Phase 1: The over-educated, over-enthusiastic, under-experienced newbie
Phase 2: The exhausted librarian who feels confused and just a tad misled
Phase 3: The newly cynical librarian with a tinge of bitterness towards empty seats
Phase 4: The balanced librarian who does what she can, to the best of her ability, and accepts that every program has its purpose, even to just six kids.

I am building this career one block at a time. In the past almost-two years, I've learned more than I thought I needed to about collection development, program planning, dealing with the public and standing up for myself.

To anyone fresh out of library school who may wander across this, I say from my place two years out of those hallowed halls, have'll all work out.

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