Thursday, November 29, 2007

Big Skies and Big Football

So, let's talk about books.

In preparation for a recent trip to Sooner Territory, I read The Knights of Hill Country by Tim Tharp. A teen had reviewed the book over the summer, and I found his review enticing enough to pick up the book myself. Hampton Green is a senior in high school, playing for a team in the fifth year of an undefeated record. If the Kennisaw Knights finish out the season undefeated, it will be the first time since their greatest historical days that the team has done this. To say that the Knights are poised on the brink of history is putting it lightly. Hampton is a solid player who rarely gets much credit, while his best friend Blaine is the star. Well, Blaine was the star until a bad hit to the knee in the previous season...a hit that caused damage Blaine never reported and never got fixed. Hampton's star is on the rise, and he's not entirely comfortable coming out from behind his best friend's shadow. The book captures the spirit of Oklahoma high school football and could work well for reluctant teen boys who need action to keep them engaged in a book.

I hope everyone is refreshed after a couple of days off for Thanksgiving and looking forward to a pleasant, busy holiday season.

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