Saturday, July 07, 2007

YA Librarians are Cool....Aren't We?

I may be a bit biased...

but in the recent article in the NY Times about hipster librarians, there is not one single mention of a Young Adult Librarian. They've got a couple of law librarians, one who works at a museum and another who's a librarian at Entertainment Weekly. Don't get me wrong, I know that the word "librarian" brings up all kinds of stereotypes, but I tend to think they generally apply to those who more often interact with the public. I just don't think that the stereotype of a shushing librarian came about because of a moody old woman working at an entertainment magazine.

So, in some ways, yes, I do think that those who work in public or school libraries, encounter the most negative feedback as a result of the stereotype.

And I also think that we deserve a mention in an article like this. Seriously, have you see any librarians who tend to be more "hipster" than YA Librarians? Honestly, have you? At ALA, I saw more tattooed, pierced, pink-haired, great-shoe-wearing librarians at YALSA events than I could possibly have imagined even existed.

In any case, it was interesting to read the article, and I was curious about the alcoholic beverages labeled only by Dewey Decimal Number. I wonder if I could use that for a program? That would make some people happy...

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